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While they may be hidden far underground and away from our attention, the pipes of our home are always hard at work, carrying wastewater and organic material out of our house and into the main sewage network. Although these pipes are designed to be very powerful and durable, even the strongest lines eventually break down from extended use. When this occurs, reach out to Fort Street Plumbing, Inc. right away. We offer superior Lincoln Park pipe repair and replacement when you need it most.

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How to Tell When You Have a Burst Pipe

There are many people who are unaware that they have a plumbing situation on their hands until there is a flood of wastewater wreaking havoc on their property. However, even though these catastrophes may seem to come out of nowhere, there are often several warning signs that indicate that trouble is on the horizon. It is important to keep an eye out for these issues. This way, the moment you suspect your pipes are in trouble, you can reach out to our technicians for rapid repairs.

Some of the signals that could mean your pipe has burst or is on the verge of bursting include:

  • Running the water in your shower or sink, as well as flushing the toilet, causes bubbles to rise from the drain.
  • There seem to be odd, moist places on your walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • You hear continual gurgling come from the drain.
  • The water is discolored or smells like sulfurous, rotting eggs.
  • Your water bill has been abnormally high, even though you have not used extra water recently.
  • There is a constant lack of water pressure, especially in your shower.

Trustworthy Sewer Repair & Replacement

When our team examines the issues troubling your pipes, our first step is to be as non-invasive as possible, while still being effective. Clogs and cracks can be quite common, especially those from old age or even tree root disruption. We will seek to pinpoint exactly where the issues are. At this point, we can usually provide a minor repair, patching the gap or crack in that single section. However, if it turns out that your pipes have been much more damaged, or if the current sewer line is simply too rusty and corroded, repairs will only be a Band-aid for an ongoing situation. When this happens, our knowledgeable team can instead replace an entire section of the sewer line, with powerful, new lining to allow waste material to flow quickly into the main sewer line.

Avoid Drain Cleaners at All Costs

Sometimes homeowners think that they can get rid of a clogged drain issue by dumping a bottle of chemical cleaners down the drain. Our expert plumbing technicians want you to know that this is a dangerous idea. The harsh chemicals within drain cleaners are so abrasive that they end up eating away at the inside of your pipes, even within a short amount of time. Moreover, these cleaners rarely work anyways – your pipe may seem momentarily clog-free, but it will soon get blocked up in a matter of days, and you will inevitably have to call a plumber anyways. Reach out to our team at Fort Street Plumbing, Inc. for a much more powerful solution.

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