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When you turn on the faucet to pour a glass of cold water, you expect it to be safe to drink. In many unfortunate cases, however, homeowners either never received qualified backflow services, or their backflow prevention devices eventually wore down over time.

When this happens, people are at risk of getting dangerously sick from drinking contaminated water. To avoid the extensive hazards of not having potable water at your home, reach out to Fort Street Plumbing, Inc. right away. Our master plumbers can offer powerful Lincoln Park backflow prevention services.

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Health Hazards from Backflow Water

Drinking backflow water is not only unpleasant but extremely dangerous to the health of every living creature in a property. Suppose you do not have a robust method of preventing backflow. You and your family are liable to drink water containing sewage particles, pathogens, bacteria microbes, and drops of chemical solution. As these undesirable contaminants collect in your body, they can have both devastating short-term and long-term effects.

Threats which could potentially lead to lethal illnesses and diseases by being carried with unclean water include:

  • Remnants of chemical solutions throughout the hose.
  • Heating systems that have been chemically treated.
  • Hose attachments to sources with wastewater, such as the connector to your laundry.
  • Sprinkling and irrigation systems that leak into the main potable water line.
  • Sump dump draining devices that are run by water.
  • Leaking water from swimming pools.
  • Solar heating panels.
  • Cleaning chemicals that have not been utilized correctly or appropriately disposed of.
  • Water softeners.

Determining the Safety of Your Water

To tell whether your potable water is clear of these dangerous contaminants that come from backflow, it is crucial to get a backflow test as soon as possible. This way you can make sure that your family and guests are drinking, bathing, and cooking with contaminant-free water.

Our licensed plumbing experts are ready to perform an efficient but effective test so that you can feel the relief of knowing your water is safe.

Some of the steps our technicians will take when performing this test include:

  • Making sure that the water supply on your property has been completely turned off.
  • Examining the flow’s direction using backflow prevention devices.
  • Count the number of testing devices and remove any remaining debris.
  • Organize and then assemble the adapters.
  • Use the test kit hoses to check that all the valves, such as the relief valve and first check valve.
  • Clean all the backflow equipment.
  • Perform a final check to make sure everything is still working properly as it should.

Trusting Our Professionals with Your Health

Getting trained experts for plumbing for backflow services is especially critical. The health of you, your family, and any guests or visitors is at stake. Our professional technicians here at Fort Street Plumbing, Inc. are licensed and insured to handle this crucial process for ensuring your safety. You can depend on their extensive, certified expertise to provide the qualified service you need.

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