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5 Problems That a Sump Pump Helps Prevent

5 Benefits of Installing a Sump Pump

If you have a basement, then installing a sump pump may be a good idea for your home. Sump pumps are designed to make you feel a little more at ease about keeping flooding, mold, and more at bay.

During warmer months like spring and summer, having a sump pump can keep your home from becoming flooded or being on the receiving end of water damage.

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a system that helps prevent basement flooding. They are installed in basements, underneath the floor, and in crawl spaces to collect groundwater before it enters your home. After the sump pump collects the groundwater, it moves it away from your home, making the water no longer a threat to your home. A sump pump is a great addition to flood insurance since it works to ensure your home doesn’t flood.

What are Problems That a Sump Pump Helps Prevent?

Here are some of the benefits of installing a sump pump.

1. Prevents Flooding

To avoid flooding, a lot of families opt for a sump pump to protect their homes. Sump pumps have a pit in the lowest area of the pump that fills with water and is released through a pipe that usually leads to the yard. They also come with either a pressure sensor or a float activator that’s similar to the one in toilets.

2. Reduces Fire Risk

Yes, a sump pump that prevents flooding also helps reduce the chances of your basement catching on fire. That’s because flooding can lead to electrical fires that are harder to extinguish. Excess water can short the circuits in your basement and affect appliances like your washer and dryer. With a sump pump installed, you don’t have to worry about your appliances igniting or becoming damaged by a flood.

3. Prevents Mold

Because flooding and water damage almost always lead to other problems, mold growth is one of the most common results of a flood. You could spend time drying your basement as much as you can, however, some materials and surfaces can hold onto moisture, allowing mold to grow. A sump pump takes away the risk of mold, mildew, and bacteria growth in your home so that your family remains safe from health hazards.

4. Improves Property Value

Who doesn’t love to see the value of their home increase? We’re sure that most homeowners can appreciate the fact that sump pumps are a great way to add value in a way they probably wouldn’t have considered.

Sump pumps protect the value of your home by eliminating flood and fire risks. This makes your home more appealing to buyers who may be concerned about potential risks associated with buying a new house.

5. Protects Your Home’s Foundation

Flooding is a threat to your home’s foundation. Installing a sump pump will prevent water from breaking down your foundation and creating gaps and cracks that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Cracks in the foundation can also lead to other things like structural damage that can’t be repaired, and a potential pest problem.

How Can Fort Street Plumbing Help?

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