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Top 5 Things to Look for When Selling Your Home

5 Plumbing Improvements to Make Before Selling Your Home

So you’re thinking about selling your house, or maybe you’ve decided to sell and take advantage of the housing market. Depending on how long you’ve owned your home, selling a house to make a profit is most homeowners’ goal. Even if your home is in excellent condition, you can still maximize your profit by making plumbing upgrades that you would have otherwise left up to the buyer.

When your home goes on the market, and a buyer makes an offer, they will most likely request that a home inspection be done. A home inspection includes plumbing, and if your plumbing isn’t up to par, it can put the offer on your house in jeopardy.

Why You Should Fix Plumbing Problems

Fixing plumbing issues doesn’t only help your buyer, it’s for your benefit too. Limiting the number of repairs your buyer has to make on their own can possibly make selling your home even easier. Our team at Fort Street Plumbing suggests getting your plumbing inspected yourself beforehand and making the necessary repairs to increase the appraisal value of your home and get it sold quickly.

Here are some things you should consider repairing before putting your house on the market.

1. Repair Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes that haven’t been repaired in a while can seriously damage your home’s plumbing system and structure. They can cause damage to your floors, ceilings, walls, and even your furniture if the leak is bad enough.

Most leaks occur at the joints when the pipes freeze and can sometimes go undetected if left untreated. However, if you know your pipes are leaking, it’s always best to immediately call in a professional plumber to make repairs.

2. Repair Slow-Draining Sinks

While a slow draining sink may not be an issue for you, it can be a turn-off for buyers. When your home gets inspected, the inspector will look for sinks with a slow drain and suggest to the buyer and the seller that this gets looked at and fixed immediately by a plumber.

A slow draining sink is a sign that there is a bigger issue with your plumbing, like a clogged pipe. Clogs can lead to blockages in your pipes that harm your plumbing system as a whole. This could mean your toilet backing up and other sinks experiencing slow drains or frequent clogs.

3. Upgrade Old Fixtures and Appliances

Throw out old appliances and upgrade those old fixtures you’ve had for years. Some of the most sought-after features buyers look for when purchasing a new home are an upgraded kitchen and bathroom. And you don't have to completely remodel your kitchen or bathroom. Adding subtle changes that improve the overall look of your kitchen and bathroom can move buyers to make an offer on your home.

Try doing things like adding modern fixtures and up-to-date appliances that are also energy-saving. These little changes are appealing and give your home a higher chance of selling for the price you want. If you’re not familiar with changing fixtures and appliances yourself, relying on an experienced plumber will be your best bet.

4. Replace the Water Heater

Depending on how long you had your home, your water heater has probably been there just as long or even longer. Water heaters have a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years, so if you’ve been in your home for 15 to 20 years or longer without replacing your water heater, then it may be time to replace it. Homebuyers are already making a large investment in your home and a new water heater is a huge upgrade that can make your home seem like a worthwhile investment.

5. Fix Clogged Toilets

If your clogged toilet has been a nuisance to you, it will definitely be a turn-off for potential homebuyers. If you’re noticing that your toilets are overflowing or filling up and draining slowly when you flush, then you have a clogged toilet or backed up sewer line.

You can easily clear a clog in your toilet using a plunger. But for stubborn clogs that just won’t go away, we suggest you contact your local plumber to fix it for you.

Let Us Prepare Your Plumbing for the Housing Market!

A good bit of plumbing problems can go undetected or unrepaired for a long time. Plumbing problems can easily be discovered by an experienced plumber or inspector before you even put your home on the market.

Let our team of professional plumbing experts at Fort Street Plumbing help you! While we can’t sell your home for you, we can give you a hand and make your home’s plumbing system more appealing to buyers!

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